Our Reporting Services

Do you feel like you can’t keep track of rent payments? Do you wish you had a clearer idea of how much income your rental properties generate? Are your expenses outweighing your profits?

When you work with a property management company, certain tasks are meted out, such as collecting rent, responding to repair requests, and advertising your property. But you never want to be out of the loop when it comes to your finances. 

In many ways, your rental property is like a business. You rely on financial reports and bank statement sheets to track its performance. 

At Prospect Property Management, we help property owners keep a closer eye on their real estate investment. With our property management reports, you’ll always know how your property is doing.

With property management software, it’s easier to keep track of your income and expenses. We use the following programs and documents to provide you with high-quality reports:

QuickBooks & Dedicated Property Management Software

Your books will always be up to date with this property management and  accounting software. It’s easy to track cash as it flows in and out. Where are you losing money? How could you increase your profit margins? Are specific tenants costing you more than others?

We use QuickBooks & Propra to compile the most pertinent information in this easily accessible software.

Rent Roll ledger

At a glance, you can view all the most important information you need to manage a rental property. Think of it like a balance sheet, but for your rental property. This document includes:

  • Amount & date of rent paid
  • Rent that’s past due
  • Security deposit
  • Lease renewal/expiry date

Why You Need a Property Manager

What if you have a tenant that’s consistently late on payments? You might never know without a monthly report.

Reviewing your bank account balances is one thing. But with a detailed report, you know exactly how much cash is coming in and what your costs are. 

As a property owner, you have enough to keep track of as it is. We provide you with a report that contains all the information you need, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Whenever you’re making important decisions about your properties, you can use reports to invest your money wisely. For example, let’s say you want to renovate one of your buildings. You can choose the property that’s generating the least income to improve your profit margins. With our reports, all the information you need is easily accessible. 

Accounting doesn’t need to be a draining or daunting process. With our reporting services, you can manage your rental properties more efficiently.

Maximize Your ROI With Property Management

Our reports will help you keep better track of payments, costs, and tenants. At Prospect Property Management, reporting is one of the many services we offer. We also provide marketing, tenant selecting, consulting, and maintenance. 

With our services, you can keep close track of how your real estate investment is performing. Our property managers are here for you and your tenants whenever you have questions or concerns. We are the top Winnipeg property management company!