What Are The Qualities Of A Great Property Management Firm?

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What Are The Qualities Of A Great Property Management Firm?

If you’re shopping around for a property manager, chances are that you’re hoping to hand over all of the responsibilities associated with being a landlord to someone competent and experienced—someone familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.  You want to find an agency that will not only take care of day-to-day property operations with finesse but will also have a vision for how to maximize the success of your investment(s) in every possible way.  


There are a lot of property management options out there, but not all of them possess the skills and dedication to impress.  As you search for the right fit, keep the following qualities in mind:


Trustworthy & Reliable

While every prospective property manager will tell you that they’re trustworthy and reliable, how can you verify whether or not these claims are true?  In addition to paying close attention to the small details—how they build your trust and confidence throughout the initial interview period—consider checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as their online reviews.  


An excellent property management company should have a positive reputation both online and off.  It should also have a proven track record of professional relationships with vendors, tenants, and property owners alike.  


Stringent Tenant Screening Process

There are a lot of poor tenant candidates out there, and you want to be sure they are not the ones who end up occupying your rental(s).  A high-quality property management firm should be able to confidently walk you through its thorough tenant screening process.  Elements to look for include credit checks, past rental history, employment status, tenant eviction history, and income verification (among others).  


Proven Experience & Track Record

In the world of property management, experience does matter.  It’s a complex industry that draws on a lot of knowledge areas, skill sets, and problem-solving strategies.  While passion and dedication can go pretty far on their own, these qualities combined with experience can ultimately go much further.  At Prospect Property Management, we’ve proven ourselves with several years of successful industry experience.  


Strong Communication Skills

From liaising between tenants and contractors to keeping property owners informed and up to date, every aspect of property management requires excellent communication.  Ensure that the property managers you select are impressive in-person communicators with equally strong written and technical skills.  


In-Depth Rental Market Knowledge

Of course, you want your property manager to be savvy about rental policy and quality workmanship, but you also want them to demonstrate expertise when it comes to the rental market.  A property manager with an investor mindset and the scope of knowledge to see the big picture will help your rental business flourish and grow—instead of stagnating or even declining.  


Prospect Property Management

If you’re in search of a Winnipeg property management agency that exemplifies all of the qualities listed above, then Prospect Property Management is a natural choice.  With a proven track record in the industry, we take pride in our outstanding communication skills, unbeatable reliability, and intimate knowledge of Winnipeg’s rental market.  To top it all off, we are truly passionate about what we do.  Reach out to us at Prospect Property Management today!